Natural Designer Series concrete edging

Our most popular product category of landscape curbing is a perfect upgrade from plastic, wood or metal edging that can deteriorate quickly; Never edge your flower beds again!

Colors Copy: 
Premium Base Colors - Available only through Border MagicĀ® Franchise Owners Advanced technology has allowed Border Magic to offer pure, concentrated pigments packaged to meet our exact mix design, together with Border Magic exclusive additives and Border Magic lustrous protective sealers insures the integrity and appearance of our products for many years to come. Please Note: Color chips shown are photographs and are not exact representations. Shading and sealer glosses may affect the final color. Like all natural materials, variation is normal.
Molds Copy: 
We have a mold shape and size to fit your needs. Choose from over 30 of our standard molds or we can make one custom just for your project.
Patterns Copy: 
Here are our sample patterns for Border Magic edging. Match these with your choice of color, grout and mold or we can create a custom pattern just for you.