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Welcome to Border Magic®

We've Got the Edge for your landscape edging needs!

Border Magic has been the leader in decorative concrete landscape edging, helping to add both style and functionality to landscaping across the United States since 1992. Based in Waco, Texas, Border Magic is the only franchised company in the country that specializes in decorative landscape edging.

We have recently grown at a considerable pace and our product line keeps improving and expanding.  We offer a fully customizable lineup that includes thirty different sized styles, fifteen different patterns, and twenty-three colors.  In addition to concrete border, we also offer decorative walkways, stepping stones, and commercial concrete curbing. Let us help you bring your outdoor landscaping ideas to life.

At Border Magic, we focus on quality. Our equipment is designed to create the strongest, longest lasting concrete edging and curbing made today. Our franchisees are trained to work with you to create a custom design that fits your needs. In fact, we can custom color our concrete landscape edging to match your home, buildings or any other landscaping decor.

How can Border Magic® benefit you?

The appeal of this product is its ability to complement existing landscaping while reducing the time needed for maintenance. Our process is noninvasive and most installations can be completed within a day. Our cost effective edging system can help enhance your property value, prevent unwanted grass and weeds in beds, and help eliminate termites and pests.

The color in our concrete landscape edging and curbing is added to the concrete prior to installation, thus the color of the concrete is the same throughout. To cut costs, some manufacturers use plain concrete curbing that has a colored coating painted on it. Unfortunately, as the product wears, the coating starts to chip off.